Find out how much and how you can win playing Blackjack at casinos

Blackjack has become one of the most acclaimed card games in all casinos, even in such popular online casinos as 1xbet casino.

Therefore, if you want to know how this highly demanded game works and win bets as if you were inside the 007 movie, found at, then I will show you not just how to win it, but how bets are placed on it.

In Blackjack the bets go first.

Before starting to deal cards for each player, each one must make their corresponding bets ; if there is a minimum or maximum for each game, that is decided by the table. Of rest, each one can bet how much better it seems to him.

In the case of playing in a casino, who defines the bet is you because the bank pays according to how much you have decided to bet. If you bet little, the reward will be small, but if you bet a lot, it will be amazing. The operation is quite simple.

The bet determines how much money you can win. Although the proportion is usually the same in any casino, it can vary according to the regulations and type of game.

However, taking into account the common cases, the bet is defined in this way, the profits are 1 to 1 or 100% in case of winning the game. If you bet 10 chips, you get 20. Including your original 10 and 10 more winnings.

If, on the other hand, the banker won, the money wagered by you does not leave a profit or be recovered. In that case, you can resort to another bet to try to get better profits and recover.

Beyond 100% profit

Of course, there is an even more interesting bet, and that is Blackjack itself. There is a play nicknamed with the same name of the game, which, when lucky enough to form it and win with it, the profits are not 1 to 1, but 3 to 2.

In this way, if you bet 10 chips, your profit is not 10 more chips apart from your original bet, but 15. That is, if you manage to form a Blackjack, your play is refunded by 150%.

Learn to play and win at Blackjack

After having bet, two cards are dealt to each player; in the case of casinos there are 2 cards for the bettor and 2 more for the dealer. Both hands are open to your own player and covered to your opponent.

To win you must get a total score by adding the values of your cards to 21 points or the nearest lower number. Whoever has the closest number to it wins, as long as it is a value equal to 21 or less, never greater.

If, for example, you have 20 points and the dealer has 19, you win the bet and take the money. If you are still far from 21 and the dealer has not declared a winner, you can take the cards at the risk of going over 21.